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Soleil Rich
Do your part for the planet and leave a better future for future generations.
Soleil Rich
Environment、Earth、Sustainable development
Protect the green cradle, you can, I can!
The environment is the foundation of survival.
Based on upholding integrity and integrity, we will go all out to fulfill the needs of customers, with the core values ​​and vision of protecting the earth, sustainable development, green energy, carbon reduction, and clean energy, improving operating procedures, and maintaining employee health and safety; follow the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the government The Energy Bureau's "Energy Users Set Energy Conservation Goals and Implementation Plans", relevant environmental protection laws and regulations, and develop the solar energy industry through our rich engineering experience and professional energy technology integration team.
Responsibility gathers strength, saves energy, and creates the future.
Carbon dioxide will cause the greenhouse effect and cause the sea level to rise; climate change has intensified to the extent that the "climate crisis" impacts our lives. In the face of a deteriorating environment, energy conservation, carbon reduction, and greenhouse gas emissions have become our most important issues. In response The government’s new energy policy, fulfilling corporate social responsibility, actively promotes energy conservation and carbon reduction, and focuses on sustainable environmental development.
Customer needs, go all out.
To prevent global warming caused by the greenhouse effect and climate change, we have emerged. Environmental protection adds impetus. Green new energy will redefine our lives. Together, "Do our part for the earth and leave a better future for our children and grandchildren.", We strengthen environmental protection, implement the energy policy of “continuously improve energy performance and exert energy value”, raise awareness of environmental protection, implement energy conservation, carbon reduction, and environmental education, pursue the best use efficiency of energy and resources, and actively invest in waste reduction and pollution prevention.
Experts infer that the solar radiant energy reaching the earth's surface each year is equivalent to 130 trillion tons of standard coal. Therefore, solar energy is the most abundant energy available to mankind, inexhaustible and inexhaustible.
Green Energy
Protecting the environment is every man's responsibility.
Green Energy is also known as clean energy and renewable energy. It is environmentally friendly and has low greenhouse gas emissions. It does not cause environmental pollution. Green energy replaces fossil energy to achieve the ultimate goal of energy-saving and carbon reduction.
The very way we live leaves a carbon footprint, affecting every other human, our fellow creatures, and the earth we cohabit.
The low-carbon economy will use renewable energy to promote economic activities, thereby emitting fewer greenhouse gases than the average economy and reducing the carbon footprint.
Soleil News
2021 has generated unprecedented momentum behind carbon capture, utilization and storage
This year has seen unprecedented advances for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies – and there are encouraging signs that this time the momentum will deliver tangible results that can help tackle global emissions.